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Name: Andrew Cargill
Profession: Actor
Producer # 74
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Welcome to my world ..
Work Done Supporting Project:
  • Joint founder of the project.
  • Joint Website Design and Development.
  • Executive Producer
About me:
  Howdy, Howdy, Howdy! We'll i'm Cargi, I am 19 and looking for love ..... LOL only joking! but I am cargi and I am 19. Im currently studying animation at the University of Wales Newport. I never really know what to say in these things, this is my second attempt to try make it a bit more interesting lol. I am a budding entrapuneur and would love to be massivly famous like richard branson one day, but hopefully even bigger! He is my greatest inspiration and one day soon i hope to meet him. I know it sounds really boring but i ran a nofrills computer business last summer to get some dollar in and was a great sucess although i had to unfortunatly end it due to coming bk to uni. At present I have teamed up with a good friend by the name of Tony and are both working on a massive project originallaly titled '' so far its been great fun as we are getting messages from all around the globe and have 70 producers already. We have also been on the radio numerous of times and featured in many magazines which is really cool. Check out our site and there is some links to the articles and also make sure you become producers yourselfs otherwise i'll slap you. Anyways thats enough. Keep it real guys byeee xxxxx.
Previous work:
  Indywood Project
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