The Indywood Project is going to reward one lucky producer with 10% of the money raised – Our budget goal is a target of $100,000, giving someone the chance of walking away with $10,000.

The project launched on the 1st Jan 2007, and will remain open till June 30th – All producers will receive a number and will have a numbered ball going into a draw; and depending on how many squares have been bought some producers will have several balls…

During the month of July both Antony Lane and Andrew Cargill (Founders of the Indywood Project) will fly out to the United States to announce the winning producers – The winners will be picked out and announced by a well known filmmaker… We will reveal who the filmmaker is in January…

The event will be live on webcam through the Indywood site and filmed for an ongoing documentary.

If for some crazy reason we don’t manage to hit the $100,000 within the 7 months, the winning producer will still receive 10% of the money raised.

So that’s the technical side out of the way…

Follow these steps to becoming an Indywood Producer and having a chance to enter the competition.

STEP 1: Click on the buy it now button - or to save you looking, click here

STEP 2: You will then be transferred to Paypal to make your payment. Here you can choose the size of your image simply by updating the quantity of your order – the more squares you purchase the more chances you have of winning the $10,000, but more importantly the bigger a producer you will become on the movie grid, since after all the more squares you buy, the bigger your photo will be.

1 Square = $20 (£10.19)
2 x 2 Squares = $80 (£40.76)
4 x 4 Squares = $160 (£81.53)
8 x 8 Squares = $320 (£163.07)
16 x 16 Squares = $640 (£326.12)
32 x 32 Squares = $1280 (£652.36)

STEP 3: Once your payment has been made you will be re-directed to a page where you can set up your producer profile, this is the profile that people will see when they click on your photo on the main page, this gives people a chance to get to know each of the producers, and for the producers it’s a great place to promote yourself.

STEP 4: Not everything on the site is fully automated at present so for the time being we will manually have to add your photograph to the grid. We will have it online within 24 hours.

STEP 5: Congratulations you are now officially a producer for the movie “Invasion of the Not Quite Dead”, your name will be added to the, a separate producer page and also the end credits of the finished movie.


Indywood Project


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