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We pushed off from Memphis and were on our way to Mississippi. Another long hot day on the river when we were floating. We soon noticed a boat that was orange and silver and headed towards us; the Coast Guard. They asked us if we had yet been boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard. We told them "no" and they said they would just do a safety check boarding. They checked us for life vests, fire extinguisher, bow and stern lights, and a horn. We passed with flying colors so they gave us an inspection certificate and let us go. We pushed un until evening an landed for the night in Mississippi. We woke the next day and two fishermen gave us three big catfish. One weighed twelve pounds. We cleaned the ten pounder and covered one fillet in ranch dressing and wrapped it in foil and cooked it like you would a baked potato. Pretty good actually.


Squares Sold:35 Squares Remaining:5965 Total Raised:$700

2007 : Registered Company # 6044776