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River Date 23-24
The Bear Naked pushed off of New Madrid of a more then perfect evening and little did they know the 29th would go from being the most beautiful day to the most terrifying ordeal of our lives. We were floating on a calm star lit evening and not a barge in sight. Well after floating a while the bugs began to buzz and we thought it best to anchor down for the night. We motored over to what looked like a calm spot along the shore. Nate dropped the anchor and it kept dropping and dropping until it suddenly caught and anchored on what we are sure was a wing dam. For those of you who don’t know what these are, they are underwater dams made of large rocks that help keep the water moving cast out in the main channel for the large barges. They are all up and down the river banks where they have problems keeping the channel deep enough. Anyways the anchor caught this and that’s when we found ourselves up a big river without a paddle. The water began to rush past the boat at a scary speed. We tried to use the motor to run up on the anchor to pull it loose. This didn’t work because the motor didn’t have enough power to fight this strong current. Then a little bit of water came up over the bow. So Dave ran to the back to try and get his weight to lift the bow up.

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