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Name: Bob Fanucchi
Profession: Actor/Producer/
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Ranger Bob a.k.a. the Capo
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About me:
  I am optimistic. Character Actor. I was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA it just about 100 miles north of Los Angeles, CA and an US Navy Viet Nam Veteran as Platoon Corpsman with the US Marines at Camp Pendleton I served 14 years. (there was a whole lotta training and time to get in the Marines so it was no cake walk.) I later in life joined the US Army as a branch transfer and served another 3 years. I went to basic again Fort McClellan and "Airborne" jump school at Fort Benning , GA at age 35 then served a year in Korea on the DMZ and lived on a Firebase 4P3. A total of 17 years dedicated to duty,honor, and country of the United States of America. I was awarded with many military awards, but was the proudest honor was to be chosen and be in the US Army Color Guard. I am a disabled veteran now but I'm am dedicated with the same determination to serve The Texas Motion Picture Alliance.
Previous work:
  Work History : Television, Commercial, Theater, Behind Scenes Video, Photography, Military, Industrial, Film, Radio, Secret clearance
  Fox TV series "Prison Break" Fireside Entertainment " Inspector Mom".
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