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Name: John Teodoro
Profession: Actor, Filmmaker
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Indywood Profile Picture
Indywood Profile Picture

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About me:
  I work as a Network Consultant but I am also an actor and filmmaker. As an actor I mainly work in film and I have performed in productions by, among others, TVA, the CBC and Winding Road Pictures.I brought my skills as a professional digital film editor to the table when I co-founded Icebreaker Films with Joe Sisto, an entertainment lawyer in Montreal. The work as a filmmaker for which I am most proud of, is the feature called Years Apart and the two short films entitled The Lost Sheep and Silent Screams, for which I co-wrote, co-produced, edited as well as starred in during the last 3 years. I also appeared in 2 episodes of Largo Winch, which is now very popular in France and other parts of Europe. You can view my full resume as an actor by visiting my site at https://ca-courses.com/courses/pharmacy-technician/. I am the co-owner of Icebreaker Films and have recently started a new production company called Cutthroat Pictures. I was the Technical Director of the Quintus Film Festival in its first year and helped with its launch in Montreal, Canada.I have just completed another feature script which I intend to produce and direct. This project is scheduled for May 2007. The web site and all casting notices, etc… will be up by the end of January 2007 at http://www.cutthroatpictures.com. I very much admire this project and as a filmmaker I can appreciate the hard work and the difficulty in acquiring the funds that it takes to make Independent Productions, but I also think that they are the wave of the future. Never give up and never surrender...until then I wish all of you out there great success in all your endeavors. John Teodoro
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