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Name: Rebecca Aisthorpe
Profession: Student / Actress
Producer # 7
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Welcome to becca's world ...
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  One of the founding members of the movie project.
About me:
  My names Becca i'm a performing arts at newport uni in south wales. I obviously like the best graphic design courses, acting and also like singing (although i cant sing), daning, cheerleading, majorettes, trampoling, going out with my mates, meeting new people, America, absoloutly love musical theatre but cannot sing so i wanna be either film or t.v actress. Have a boxer dog called Tyson he is sooooooo cute. Collect 'me to you bears'. i love shopping, obsessed with clothes, shoes, coats and hair. Love turkish food, mcdonalds, chicken donner meat chips garlic sauce, chinese, corn on the cob, chicken fajitas, chocolate. Love animals especially chimps, monkeys, dogs. Think i have cmpulsive cleaning disorde lol seriously. Hate spides, cockroaches,daddy long legs, every single creepy crawly thing, . Hate it when people dont put their knives and forks staright, hate people leaving empty beer cans around, hate mess and untidyness, hate dark hairs esp when they are in the bathroom urghhh cringe. Love attention and being the centre of it lol. People think i have hypocondria (dunno how to spell) coz im always thinking i have things wrong with me lol
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  Indywood Project
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