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Name: Neil Brady
Profession: Composers
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About me:
  Music composer/(producer in training). Househusband and full time father, soon to be part-time father as school looms (Well always gonna be full time but you know what I mean). Write and compose tv advert film etc compositions and recently started writing songs again. Married to my beautiful wife Tracey.
Previous work:
  First batch of themes I wrote were signed to a music publishing company called Audio Network in 2002, however I didn't expect these to get signed. I didn't follow this up as my son was born at the same time and I was looking after him. I have continued to write and build up my equipment and practice all things musical. Previously before marriage I was in a band for 6 years as lead guitarist and co songwriter and sometime singer. Also studied Illustration at Swansea institue of higher education and have a HND in this, I have also over the years done plenty of graphic design work. My very very first music composition before Audio Network was published in Computer Music magazine (yay).
  I continue to write and practice my music production. I have just started to send out somei new compositions again. I write various styles of music. I currently getting into my guitar playing again - no band at the moment- any vacancies.. I use Sonar6 producer,M-Audio 410 firewire sound card, Yamaha Msp3 monitors, Emu keyboard, shure sm57 mike, FL-studio producer, Project5 V2, Dimension Pro with Garritan pocket orchestra, PSPVintage warmer/Master Q, Ozone Izotope, Panasonic speakers, Vintage V100 Les paul lemon drop, Tele squier fender, fender amp, V400 Acoustic guitar (Vintage), Plenty of synth plugins and effect VST/DXis run on scan pentium 4 intel emt64, 3.6ghz etc dedicated DAW. Would love a crack at scoring this film.
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