One of the first things to do is to start a daily regiment of drinking a blended whole foods smoothy in the morning and at night. We have placed an excelent "Green" whole foods smoothie on the recipe page that has best worked for us.

The problem that we found was that not all blenders are made alike! After watching a demonstration on the Vita-Mix and compared the difference in quality between them and your regular blenders (we have found that we also use что посмотреть в Самаре our Vita-mix for juicing and mixing, so we felt that we were getting 3 appliances in 1). The whole food juice is smooth and delicious to drink because it breaks the fruits and vegetable fibers down to tiny microscopic particles and releases more juice than any popular juice extractors that we have owned. The unit spins so fast that it literaly takes

fruits and vegetables and pulverizes them down to the cellular level, so all the much needed vitamins and enzymes are readily available for digestion. We also make our all organic soups and fresh salsa using our unit. It spins so fast that after just a few minutes the soup starts to boil and is ready to eat! Check out the recipe page for both the fresh salsa and our favorite soup.



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