The following day we woke and had a nearly typical day. The only thing that made this day different is that the crew was so exhausted from the previous day that Dave and Nate accidently fell asleep while floating that morning. After napping for about 45 minutes they were suddenly awaken when the sound rushing water from a buoy on the starboard side and the sound of a barge passing them very closely on the port side startled them. Realizing it that sleeping in a commercial shipping channel wasn't particularly safe they made a pot of coffee to fight off the sleepiness. We encountered a few more buoys that day. Only these were bobbing buoys. And by that we mean the current pulls them under water for large periods of time and so mariners don't know they are there. We passed two of these buoys almost directly above them. We had be told a few weeks earlier that these existed and that they had been know to capsize boats when they bob back up to the surface. But our fascination with buoys had yet ended for the day. While the crew was tanning they kind of forgot to look ahead down the river. All of the sudden we looked up and were headed straight for a green buoy. Dave quickly started the motor and tried to get out of the way. It was too late.