That night we took the remaining catfish and breaded strips of the catfish into nuggets. We dropped them in some hot oil and deep fried them. It was an instant favorite of the crews. Full up with about 6 pounds of fried catfish Bear Naked bunked down for the night. We woke the next morning to a slight rain and decided the weather would permit us to float. We started the drifting and noticed a storm brewing just north and west of us so we thought that maybe we could stay ahead of the rain. That only lasted so long. Before we knew it we were in the middle of the channel with lightning and a driving rain with almost no visibility . It was the worst storm that the Bear Naked had taken on to date. Stranded in the middle of the Mississippi River with huge swells and fearing that a barge could come out of the storm, we were at God's mercy. After a little over an hour of horror the rain ceased and we were able to continue with little rain the rest of the day.


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