A lot is going on in the volunteer apartment. On the weekend Hannah from Austria and Ryan&Amy from the UK arrived. Together we have had a lot of fun this week mixing mud for the walls of a new greenhouse. The plastic bottle walls were finished last week, but some of the cob was still missing. All existing body parts were used during the process and in the afternoon the volunteers went home mud-colored, happy and tired. Now only the windows are missing, soon our plants will have a new home.

The tree campaign by Richelle is now complete. And with much success. About 300 trees were donated for the Jardin and Los Nogales. A big thank you to the donors from all around the world and to the people who made the campaign possible. We will plant in september. Right now the dry season still prevails, which makes planting a bad idea. Pictures are waiting to be watched here: Facebook-Link

In addition, Tito, the sympathetic owner of the wonderful bar Ukukus allowed us to collect money for Helping Hands on Sunday during a spectecular performance from 'bohemian fireflies'. Thank you Tito!



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