Venetian is an ancient building material which originates with lime and marble. Lime that can be brought up to ahigh polish, low polish, matte finish, and smooth to the touch. It can also have a granular texture.The term Venetian Plaster is also referred to the method of application. Natural lime plasters have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. From the Middle East to India, from Egypt to China, to Greece and on to the ancient Roman Empire, Natural lime plasters was used almost everywhere in the ancient world. Originally, they were strictly used for the protection of structures. The Venetians took it to another level. They added natural pigment to add a decorative use both interior and Exterior. Creating this beautiful finish takes time, patience and attention to detail. *Beware of applicators who use venetian bought in their local large chain stores and warrant as "Authentic."
Artificial plaster is like thick paint, and usually dries with little to or no depth which makes it difficult to copy the look of natural plasters and it feels like plastic to the touch.
 These plasters can be made with a variety of material including lime, acrylics, polymers resins, petroleum products and sometimes cement and chemicals. They are made to "look" like the authentic plasters but do not offer the life and benefits of lime plasters 
Bianco Paints Concept and Design uses authentic Marmorino imported directly from Italy. Call us at 206.715.7019 for  more information.

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