Do you have any missing teeth? Well one of the best ways to fix your smile is to get dental implants. Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements that to the average person look like real teeth. There are several advantages to getting implants instead of bridges and dentures. An implant actually replaces the root of the missing tooth and it serves a foundation for other restorative procedures like crowns and bridges. Also implants are made from titanium which make them stronger than the previous mentioned Miami cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Before you can get dental implants, must be a viable candidate. You must have enough bone to provide an anchor for the implant. The implant procedure has two main parts. First the implant is placed into the jaw bone and given time to heal. This process called osseointegration can take from up to six mouths and when completed the implant will be connected to the jaw bone. Next, the cosmetic dentist places a temporary crown on the implant to allow growth of the gum. Finally a permanent crown replaces the temporary one. The success rate of implants according to numerous sources is up to 98%. The upper jaw area has a slight lower success rate of 95% because it is less dense than the lower jaw.



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