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What makes Atlantic Drums & Percussion different than the drum department of a full-line store?

We are drummers specializing in drums & percussion.

We have a nice selection of many of the same products like sticks, drumheads and hardware.  We also have many hard to find salvaged parts.


Unique Brands and Instruments

~ We are the exclusive Gretsch Drum Dealership in the area. 

~ We also carry a nice selection of Cadeson Drums (if you haven’t had a chance to play these drums come by and check them out).

~ We carry quality ethnic specific percussion such as:

     Entry level through pro drums from the Middle East, the British Isles and West   


     Percussion specific accessories

     & there are new instruments arriving all the time


Our Staff & Instructors

Our staff and instructors are professional working musicians and have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of drumming and percussion.


Great Consignment Department

Atlantic Drums & Percussion has a great consignment department which offers drummers a chance to pass on gear they’ve outgrown or to make room in their garage and provides us with a great selection of ever changing stock.


We are Still Growing

As we grow our product line will always continue to expand.  We have big plans for our percussion department including West African, Latin, Middle Eastern percussion and accessories and much more!  Also keep an eye on our marching/rudimental department.  Keep checking in, there’s new stuff all the time.



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