The statement; “You never think it will happen to you”, is so true.  After an abnormal mammogram, I underwent numerous tests, prodding, poking, and a biopsy to find out I had abnormal cells in my breast.  According to the Dr, the pathologist recommends I have the abnormal cells taken out because it may be a feeding ground for cancer.  So an operation was scheduled and out came the abnormal cells.  Thanks to God, there was no cancer to be found.

I then started my search on how I can keep myself healthy so that cancer would not have a chance to survive in my body.  Why is cancer prevalent in some and not in others?  So through my research I found out just how many chemicals and toxin we take in on a daily basis.  It’s in the air, in our homes, and in our food.  There is just no way to completely eliminate it from our lives, but we can do everything we can to eat the right foods and take supplements to combat the diseases that wreak havoc in our bodies.

Our mission is to provide links to products and information that will help fight off these free radicals.  We hope to provide knowledge in helping our bodies to have a fighting chance in this toxic world we now live in.



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